Installing with conda

MESMER-OpenSCM Runner is not yet installabale via conda. However, given that many of its dependencies are not pure Python, we recommend using a conda environment nonetheless (and installing MESMER-OpenSCM Runner via pip as a final step). The easiest way to install scmdata is using conda, either using the full Anaconda distribution which includes a collection of popular data science packages or the smaller Miniconda distribution. Using conda is the recommended method for installing scmdata for most users.

# install key dependencies via conda
conda install -c conda-forge mesmer pip
# at present, MESMER-OpenSCM Runner is only installable via pip
pip install mesmer-openscmrunner

Installing with pip

MESMER-OpenSCM can be installed from PyPi using pip.

We recommend creating a virtual environment to manage this and any other libraries your project requires.

pip install mesmer-openscmrunner